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About Telecom Courses


Telecom training in India is in high demand especially telecom training in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore are very much popular. Candidates, who got Telecom Certifications, marked as a preferential requirement of the industry. Telecom courses, such as RF training, LTE training, 3G training, 4G training, Drive test are few important pre-requisite by the industry.

At Technobuddy, wireless and telecom training is offered by industry expert having 3-5 years of experience. Telecommunication electronics control of a video-audio system, microwave system, satellite system, mobile radio system, radar system, fiber optics system etc.


The main Benefit of doing Telecom Certifications in India is getting huge site exposure. B. Tech freshers and Engineering freshers are not getting a good job after completion of their engineering programs. Hence, we came up with  Best Telecom training institute in India. After completion of telecom courses for engineers, you will get 100% guaranteed Job in Telecom. Engineers will also get a good promotion during their job time if they complete Telecommunication Training from technobuddy with certification.


Future of Telecom industry is very good. Today, Mobile communication and Telecommunication devices are in huge demand. Everybody is using 1 or more mobile phones. Project in telecom will never come to end. Due to Huge requirements of Projects, many job openings in telecom sector increases. Positions and jobs like RF survey engineer, BTS engineer, microwave engineer, drive test engineer, EMF engineer will be always kept on demand. Telecommunications technician course also creates readers and technicians for future needs in the industry. But to maintain them, Telecom engineers are always must. So, the future of candidates, who have Telecom Certification will never end.


Opportunity for Telecom Engineer is increasing day by day. Not only in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai but demands for Telecommunication engineers is in all over India and abroad.

If you search jobs for freshers in the market that no one will take you because of lack of knowledge. Ever after huge openings in telecom, all companies are demanding Telecom Certifications. So, without knowledge, you may not find the job. But after completing our certification or diploma courses in telecommunication, the job opportunities for engineers will get open instantly.


Introduction To Telecom Sector

  • Introduction to Telecommunication.
  • Growth of Telecom Sector in India.
  • Telecom Circles in India.
  • Telecom Companies in India.
  • Working pattern of Telecom companies.
  • Job opportunities in Telecom sector.
  • Requirements for different types of Telecom Jobs.
  • How to start career in Telecommunication sector?
  • Future of the Telecom Sector in India.

GSM Channels & Its Implementation

  • Overview, General Standard & Specification, Architecture, Function of Network elements used in Access & Core networks, Protocols, Channels, Traffic Management and Transport Technology used in GSM/UMTS/LTE.

Site Handover And Troubleshooting

Procedure for Site Handover to operator and Troubleshooting of the general/common faults at the time of site Acceptance Test.

Telecom Site Introduction

  • Swapping of equipments, Sector addition, Sector removal, Antenna height reduction, Capacity expansion, Link up-gradation, BTS relocation, Cabinet Expansion

Practical Training

Technobuddy concentrates especially on practicals part for job oriented courses. These practicals area to be carried out in Technobuddy Lab and on Live on Site Projects. Help to get a better job.

Interview Prepration And Resume Writing

  • Professional Resume writing
  • Online Mock Interview preparation
  • Personality development
  • Special classes for interview preparation

Telecom Network Solution(NOC)

Different Types Of Telecom Sites For 2G/3G/4G Network.

  • Introduction to cell site, Node Site, BSC Site, RNC Site, MSC Site, POI Site ,Transmission link, Repeater Site with classification and equipment used at these sites.

Complete 3G and 4G Solution

We teach about the complete knowledge of 3G and 4G Network.

Telecom Equipments & Materials

  • Equipments (Infra):- Introduction, types and usages of Telecom Towers, Shelters, Pole Mounts, Outdoor Cable Trays (HCT & VCT), Roxtec and Cable tray (indoor-HCT).
  • Equipments (Electrical):- Introduction, types and usages of Diesel Generator, AMF panel, Earthing Pits, Lightning Arrestors, Aviation Lamps, Servo-stabilizer, Power Interface Unit, Power Plant, Air-conditioner, Battery Bank, Alarm panel, ACDB, DCDB, EGB and IGB.
  • Telecom Equipments:- Introduction, types and usages of Telecom Equipments.
  • RF Equipments:- Introduction, types, and usages of panel Antenna (GSM, UMTS & LTE), Antenna Accessories (Tilt Arrangement, Antenna Clamps etc.), RF cables & Accessories (RF cables, Jumper cables, RF Connectors, RF Clamp, RF Earthing Kits, Wheather proofing Kits & Surge arrestors etc.)


Complete RF Section

Installation Concept of RF equipments

    • Collection of different plans and data
    • RFI Survey and report Generation
    • Preparation of Material Requisition Note (MRN)
    • Finalization of tool kit & Test Equipments according to work
    • Installtion of Outdoor and indoor equipments
    • Labelling of whole site


We offer Telecom courses for Engineers, those who are jobless searching for some good job opportunity in Telecom sector. We train Engineers for various telecommunication related segments, such as RF survey, BTS Installation, Microwave Engineer etc. For telecom training and placement program, following candidates are Eligible :

  • B.Tech/B.E. (Any specialisation) - Only Male candidates

  • M.Tech Candidates

  • Diploma (Any speciaisation)

  • Other Graduates (Without job guarantee)



100% Job Guarantee

100% Satisfied Students

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Course fees of Telecommunication Course

Course Fees (one Shot)

  • 1 Month Course Duration
  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • 100% Guaranteed Job
  • Classroom Training: Yes

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

What Is The Future Of Telecom?

It's impossible to know exactly where the industry is headed, and no one can predict the millions of ways technology will change our lives. What we know for sure is that the future of telecom is bright. Here are trends to watch:

  • Demand for wireless will continue to boom as wireless capabilities are integrated into more and more products, such as cars. 
  • This will spur further development and continuing adoption of faster 4G and LTE networks. 
  • Mobile devices will continue to evolve quickly. We’ll see more features built into smaller devices and brisk sales on new devices like wearables and phablets, which are a part smartphone and part tablet.
  • Consumers will increasingly use their mobile devices to go online. Some predict that we’ll have 26 billion connected devices around the world by 2020. 
  • Security will continue to be important as wireless capacity increases

What Is The Scope Of Telecom In India

Indian Telecom Industry is set for an attractive growth being the 2nd largest telecommunication market with a 3rd highest number of internet users in the world. The Indian mobile economy is growing rapidly and will contribute substantially to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to report prepared by GSM Association (GSMA) in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Will The Course Help Me In Getting Jobs In The Industry?

Our courses will help you gain knowledge in the contemporary industrial technologies so that you may have opportunities of making a career in the industrial domain of the particular course.

Will Your Organization Also Provide Placement Services?

Our organization is a training services provider and do not work as a placement service provider. However, we have an extensive industrial network and will be more than happy to pass on our corporate client's requirements to our trainees completing the courses.

How's The Telecom Job In The Market?

Communications companies largely promote from within. So if you’re already employed in telecom, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. If you’re new to telecom, prospects will be best for entry-level technical, customer service and sales professionals. In either case, rapid technological changes mean that up-to-date technical skills will serve you well. Adding new skills translates into job security and the opportunity to make more money.

As telecom workers transfer to other industries or leave the labor force altogether, overall prospects will be great for:

  • Installation technicians
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Repair workers
  • Customer service representatives

Why Should I Choose A Telecom Job Instead Of Another Industry

Telecom is a mammoth industry, comprising companies that make hardware, produce software and provide services. 

  • Hardware includes products that enable communication across the planet, from video broadcasting satellites to telephone handsets to fiber-optic transmission cables. 
  • Services include running the switches that control the phone system, providing Internet access, and configuring private networks by which international corporations conduct business. 
  • Software makes it all work, from sending and receiving email to relaying satellite data and controlling telephone switching equipment to reducing background noise on your cell phone call.
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