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Start your own Profitable Business in Digital Marketing.

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Then, your wait is over now. Become TechnoBuddy Marketing Associate & become a successful entrepreneur with guaranteed income.

TechnoBuddy launched in 2009 and till date, we trained 5000+ Engineers. Now, we are expanding our Business Model through some of the exclusive services in Digital Marketing and Solar Field. We are already a market leader in providing the Job oriented  training programs to Engineers. Now, we came up with the model of Digital Marketing Services, through which, we can provide the best Online Marketing services to our clients. To expand this model to all over India, we are looking for Business Associates, those who may start their own White Label business in Digital Marketing Field with very low investment. As a working professional or house wife, you can do this Business parallely without any hassle. This is a guaranteed return Business with very good future scope.

What is TechnoBuddy ?

TechnoBuddy is India's Oldest and Largest Engineering Pre-Recruitment company. We provide a one-stop solution to Engineers, as well as other graduates. We implement Technical Training, Digital Marketing Services, Medical Tourism Services and Solar Services. Our model is different from others because we purely focus on Technical Field. There are so many companies and Businesses, who are looking for good marketing person. But, due to high demand of salary, they may not hire them. We Freelance their projects and gives them the best marketing solutions through a highly talented Team. This way, they get the third party marketing partner at a very low price.

TechnoBuddy Marketing Associate Business Model

  • Start your own Business with very low investment

    As a Business Associate, you can start your own Business at a very low cost, as low as 15,000.

  • Regular Training

    As a Business Associate, you will get regular online Training through our experts, so that you can manage to take out maximum business from your area.

  • Complete Guidance & Support

    As a Business Associate of TechnoBuddy, you will get complete Support from our Team.

  • Create your regular Income

    After converting any leads into client, you will create fix income for you without any personal effort. These income will be fix for you till the time, we have your client onboard. You may create unlimited number of clients and it will increase your fixed monthy income.

  • Start Business Without Team

    Yes, you can start this business, without help of any team member. You only need to work on client relationship. Rest, our team will do for you.

  • Marketing Collaterals

    You will get the complete marketing collaterals and stationary support from our side. 

Benefits of Becoming Marketing Associate

Instead of doing just job, its better to start your own business in parallel. But peoples may not find any good business opportunity due to shortage of good business ideas. This is an utlimate business model for working professionals, budding entrepreneurs or for those females, who have good educational background in marketing field, but they may not give their time due to their family liabilities.Kindly go through the Benefits of becoming our Business Associate below:

Different Concept

Our concept is entirely different from others, which eliminates the competition and increases profit.

Parallel Business

If you are employed, than you can start this Business without quitting your existing job. You only need to give 2 days time in a week.

No Fixed Expenses

Since, you dont need any office space or manpower, hence you don't have any fix office expense to run this business except your marketing expense. 

Complete Support

Our Dedicated team will give you complete guidance and support to reach your business milestone. 

Less time Investement

You need to invest very less time on this business. You can give 1 to 2 days time in a week to run this business. The more time you give, the more you earn.

Brand Support

As a Authorize Business Associate of Technobuddy in your area, you can easily convert your leads due to brand value of our company.

Low Investment Business

This business model starts from a investment of as low as 25k. However, it gives you huge return.

No Manpower Needed

You need not have to hire any manpower to start this business. Our dedicated team will be a manpower for you.

Fixed Monthly Income

The more you work, more you get the incomes. Its only a matter of conversion of your client. After that, they will become fixed monthly income for you, till the time they are associated with us.

Who Can apply for Marketing Associate Business Franchisee Model ?

Since this Business franchise model is a win-win business model for any person because it includes the efforts of so many peoples (Associates + Franchisor). so, anybody with big aim can apply for the same.

Working Professionals

Any working Professional may join this business plan. They need not have to quit their job. 

Budding Entrepreneurs

Those, who are desperately looking for very good Business Opportunity, may choose this business model as a Gold Business Associate and give their full time to earn good business.

Talented Females

Those females, who have good marketing skills may join this business. They need not have to give their full time.

Marketing Peoples

Those peoples, who are from marketing field, may join this business opportunity either part time or full time.


Total Investment for Business Marketing Associate Franchisee

The total investment includes one time Association Fee as well as other expenses. Kindly find the expenses given below:

Silver Business Associate

30 Thousand which includes :

  • One Time Association Charge (15,000)
  • Initial Stationaries
  • Refundable Security (Rs. 10,000)
  • Your First Marketing Campaign (Rs. 5,000)
  • Personalise E-mail id
  • Marketing Collaterals
Gold Business Associate

1 Lakh which includes :

  • One Time Association Charge (65,000)
  • Initial Stationaries
  • Refundable Security (Rs. 25,000)
  • Your First Marketing Campaign (Rs. 10,000)
  • Personalise E-mail id
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Channel Support

Business Marketing Associate Franchisee Option is Available for following States:


  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Delhi NCR
  • Rajasthan
  • Bihar
  • Maharashtra
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • West Bengal
  • Karnataka
  • Gujrat

So What are you waiting for...

Apply now and grab the opportunity for your city. We are offering limited number of franchisees in our Phase 1 plan. Apply now to get detailed Franchise Proposal.

Let us clear your few more queries...


No. You need not have to launch any institute nor any office. This is a different kind of business model, where you have to create the clients, who are interested to outsource their needs of online marketing. Rest our team will take care of everything. Your only role will be, to maintain regular relationship with your client.


Obviously. In other Business model, you have to give your full dedicated time as well as huge investment. But, in this business model, you can also become entrepreneur, just by investing small amount and without loosing your current work. 


Starting of your own business is a very big risk. You need to prepare everything from yourself. Also, the guarantee of success is very less. However, if you become a Business Associate of TechnoBuddy, you need not have to worry about Project Execution, Manpower Hiring, stationaries, printings, online branding etc. Also, ourBusiness is a tested business and we are running this business from last 10 years. We can guide you in each and every step of your further movements. Even, we will give appropriate training to you to achieve guaranteed success.


The best solution of your query is to start your career with Franchise Business. Because we have a good experience and our model is ready to implement. Our other Associates are already running this business successfully. As a newcomer, you only need to take care of financial part and client management. Rest all the things, our support team will help you. In a franchise business, you are not alone. Many peoples like you and even our team are working constantly. We will give special training to you or any of your dedicated Manager, whoever leads your business.


The are many benefits of taking Franchisee. Few benefits from them are listed below :

  1. You need not have to create any brand. our brand is already established.
  2. Our model is tried and tested.
  3. Step by step guidance from franchisor.
  4. Associates all over India. This will support a lot to your enquiries.
  5. Online presence and re-marketing support through Franchisor.
  6. We will provide you all the local enquiries received from your location.
  7. Day to day operational support.
  8. Best marketing plan preparation and implementation.
  9. Client Conversion Support.
  10. Dedicated Staffs.
  11. Corporate collaborations.
  12. Official mail id's and the status of Business Partner.


You need to start the business and have to take care of followings : 

  1. Basic expenses
  2. Client Management
  3. Local Marketing

Rest all the things like operations, Execution, Accounts, certifications, Profile  development etc will be managed by our team. 


As a working Professional, you only have to give 1 to 2 days time in a week. Rest, you can provide to your existing job. Once you start earning more than your current job, than you can continue this business full time. 

Why you are charging Association Fee ?

Franchise Fee is a one-time association fee, through which, we will give you our brand name and Authorise Associate status. Not only this, our team will start supporting you from day 1 and we will give you our complete business model, which we created after the experience of so many years and huge investment.


I am into very good Job? Why should i risk myself?

First of all, to start any business, you must have to take a risk. However, in Franchise business, such risk gets eliminated by 60 to 70 percent. Because our model is tried and tested. The only thing you need to take care of is to follow our instructions time to time. 

You are not alone, who maintains your business. Our dedicated manager will also follow up you and your team time to time for any further support. However, there is no risk in your Job too. You can do this business, while you are doing your job. 


Okey. I am ready to start the Business. What is the next step?

To know the next step, you need to fill up the form given above. You can also do the same by clicking on below given link.

After submission of your form, our team will send you the detailed franchise proposal and shortlist the best candidates from your location and will  do the agreement formalities. 

If you made your mind and want to reserve your territory, then you can reserve it by paying Rs.25,000 (Gold Associate) and Rs.10,000 (Silver Associate). So that we will not entertain any other applicants from your location and reserve the location for you. This fee is fully adjustable in your Franchise Fee. Similarly, if any other applicant reserves the territory then it will become impossible for us to entertain others.

To Fill up Application Form: CLICK HERE


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