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Start your own Profitable Business in Education Sector

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        >     Wanted to start your own business? 

        >    Looking for some different kind of model which gives you huge income.


Then, your wait is over now. Start TechnoBuddy Franchisee & become a successful entrepreneur with guaranteed income.

TechnoBuddy launched in 2009 and till date, we trained 5000+ Engineers. Now, we are expanding our Business Model through Franchise Chain and wanted to give benefits to all those peoples from B & C Class cities,  who want to start their own Business in a Technical/Education Field. Not only this, we are coming up with few more Business Models, which will help our franchisee's in future and will give multiple sources of income from one single platform.

What is TechnoBuddy ?

TechnoBuddy is India's Oldest and Largest Engineering Pre-Recruitment company. We provide a one-stop solution to Engineers, as well as other graduates. We implement Technical Training, admission support for Colleges, Government Exam preparations (SSC-JE), Job support and distance learning services. Our model is different from others because we purely focus on fresher graduates for their post-graduation needs from one single platform. The common problem for such students is improper guidance, especially when they have to make their career. There are many students in the market, who don't have any future goal or they are aimless. Through technobuddy, we provide them different career options as well as training cum job support. We are working in Pan India and now looking for business partners in B and C class cities.

TechnoBuddy Business Model

  • Technical Training Institute

    We provide Technical Training as per market demand to Engineers and Non-Engineers. 95% of engineers are unemployed after completion of their degree.

  • Higher Education

    Those, who want to pursue for higher education after their graduation, will get the admission support from our side. Our special wing helps them to get the same

  • Non-Technical Programs

    Local peoples and professionals are demanding some of the programs for knowledge enhancement. We provide such important programs to them at nominal fee.

  • Government Exam Preperation

    Maximum students are focussing on Government jobs and Gate exams. TechnoBuddy prepares them for such openings. 

  • Industrial & Internship Programs

    Industrial Programs are mandatory in many colleges for final year pursuing candidates. Our company provides such training with certifications to engineers.

  • Technical Workshops

    Pursuing, passed out and even working professionals are always looking for 2 to 3 days workshops for getting certification and knowledge. Our workshop solution helps them to get the same.

Benefits of Taking Franchisee

Instead of doing Job, it's better to start your own business. But for engineers, it's very tough to start a business in their own field. Hence, technobuddy came up with the solution with a great business model for Engineers and other Management peoples. Kindly go through the franchise benefits below:

Different Concept

Our concept is entirely different from others, which eliminates the competition and increases profit.

Complete Support

You need not have to worry about anything. TechnoBuddy will take care of your complete operational needs. 

Low Investment/High Returns

As per given business model, investment is low, however, returns are high. 

All in One Solution

For passed out graduates, we are providing all in one solution. Which means, if we contact any them, he/she may easily convert for any of our offerings.

Any one can join

Having Business knowledge is not mandatory for becoming our franchisee. Our team will train you and your team for everything.

Marketing Support

TechnoBuddy head office will take care of online presence and Re-marketing campaigns of all walk-ins.

TechnoBuddy Brand Name

TechnoBuddy is India's Largest Engineering Pre-recruitment company. Brand Name itself pulls many candidates.

Multiple Programs

We have so many kind of programs, which includes programs for Non-Technical candidates too. We are offering minimum 2 programs with a guaranteed job, which any graduate can do. 

Additional Businesses

Not only education, but TechnoBuddy will also give the opportunity of earning more revenues through some other business models.

Who Can apply for Franchisee ?

Since Franchise model is a win-win business model for any person because it includes the efforts of so many peoples (Franchisee + Franchisor). so, anybody with big aim can apply for the same.


Since, this project is completely Technical. So, very good opportunity for engineers.


Additional business opportunity with good income. Very lucrative for entrepreneurs.

Working Professional

Working Professional has capability to lead the team.

Property Owners

Any person, who has their own vacate space can also apply for this ultimate opportunity to earn the handsome income.


Total Investment for Franchisee

The total investment includes the franchise fee as well as complete launching expense. Kindly find the expenses given below:

The complete investment is

5 Lakh which includes :

  • Franchisee Fee
  • Furnitures & Fixtures
  • Rental and Advances
  • Initial Launching Activities
  • Stationaries

Franchisee Option is Available for following Locations only for Phase 1 Plan

Andhra Pradesh

  • Guntur
  • Khammam
  • Visakhapatnam


  • Ranchi


  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Kolhapur
  • Nagpur


  • Cochin
  • Thiruvananthapuram

Other Locations

  • Indore
  • Bhubaneswar

So What are you waiting for...

Apply now and grab the opportunity for your city. We are offering limited number of franchisees in our Phase 1 plan. Apply now to get detailed Franchise Proposal.

Let us clear your few more queries...


Our model is not only strict as an institute. We work for passed out graduates (Engineers and Non-Engineers) for their post-graduation needs. It includes Guaranteed job training programs, other courses, Distance learning, College admission support, Government exam preparations etc. The office you will launch, looks like a high-quality institute cum company.


Many institutes offer few courses only. TechnoBuddy is not working as a pure institute. We give one-stop solution for everything to engineers and other graduates. Our few programs consist of 100% guaranteed Job. Also, our college admission support and distance learning programs are another forms of solution.


Starting of your own business is a very big risk. You need to prepare everything from yourself. Also, the guarantee of success is very less. However, if you become a Franchisee of TechnoBuddy, you neednot have to worry about course development, stationaries, printings, online branding etc. Also, Franchisee Business is a tested business and we are running this business from last 10 years. We can guide you in each and every step of your further movements. Even, we will give appropriate training to your staff member to achieve guaranteed success.


The best solution of your query is to start your career with Franchise Business. Because we have a good experience and our model is ready to implement. Our branches are already running successfully. As a newcomer, you only need to take care of financial part and staff management. Rest all the things, our support team will help you. In a franchise business, you are not alone. Many peoples like you and even our team are working constantly. We will give special training to you or any of your dedicated Manager, whoever leads your branch.


Our business model is not only strict to engineers. It also includes other graduates. In every city, there are thousands and thousands of fresh graduates every year, who don't have a job or they don't have appropriate knowledge to get one. Also, many students are planning to appear for a government job or want to pursue for higher education. Not only this, we also provide Digital Marketing Course with Guaranteed Job support, which is the best course for girls in today's time. We provide all in one solution to graduates. So, you need not have to worry about anything.


The are many benefits of taking Franchisee. Few benefits from them are listed below :

  1. You need not have to create any brand. our brand is already established.
  2. Our model is tried and tested.
  3. Step by step guidance from franchisor.
  4. Branches all over India. This will support a lot to incoming enquiries.
  5. Online presence and re-marketing support through Franchisor.
  6. We will provide you all the local enquiries received from your location.
  7. Day to day operational support.
  8. Best marketing plan preparation and implementation.
  9. Students Placement Support.
  10. Certifications and course developments.
  11. Corporate collaborations.
  12. Manpower Hiring support
  13. Manpower Training support.
  14. Online web panel to maintain your business.
  15. Official mail id's and the status of Business Partner.


You need to start the business and have to take care of followings : 

  1. Day to day expenses
  2. Team Management
  3. Local Marketing

Rest all the things like operations, placement, national marketing, certifications, courseware development etc will be managed by our team. The staff management is very much important because they are the main pillars for any business.


If you are an Engineer, then this business is the best option for you because many engineers are not opting Business because of non-technical work. However, the main clients for our business are Engineers. This is the best business, any engineer can do. This is the perfect business with the Technical platform.

Why you are charging Franchisee Fee and Royalty.

Franchise Fee is a one-time association fee, through which, we will give you our brand name and branch status. Not only this, our team will start supporting you from day 1 and we will give you our complete business model, which we created after the experience of so many years and huge investment.

Royalty is the fee (Very nominal), which you need to pay from your regular income as a commission because you are running and getting the business from our brand name. However, our team is offering you so many services like days to day support along with online and re-marketing support. Whatever we are charging, we will be delivering more than that. If your branch has only 8 employees, still in the background, more than 20 experienced staffs from your franchisor side working on regular operations (Support, R&D, National level Marketing, Placement, Printing, Collaborations, HR Activities etc.). Our royalty is lowest in the education sector. 

What is Phase 1 Plan?

In Phase 1 Plan, we are targetting all those cities, where, there are more than 20 engineering and 40 colleges present. Also, the population of those cities are enough, so that, our franchisee will get enough output. However, we already exist in all metro cities. Now, this is a time to enrol 25 top most cities in India through Franchise Model. 

Who will take care of Marketing, Employee Recruitment, placement etc.

You need not have to worry about anything. Lets, discuss one by one :

  1. Employee Recruitment :- We will help you in your initial manpower hiring without any cost. Later on also, if you need any help regarding the online interview for the selection of any candidate, then you can organise the same through skype and our expert will shortlist the best candidate for you. Any marketing expense occurs in future hiring must be borne by the franchise. In many cases, we will give the list of applied data for the job from your local location (if available).
  2. Staff Training :- Staff training is absolutely free of cost. During initial training, we will send our Business Development Manager in  your branch and he will guide all your staffs regarding everything. Later on, whatever recruitment you will do, you need to send them to any of our regional branch for training. We will not charge any training fee for them. But their lodging and travelling must be borne by the franchisee. However, our BDM will visit your branch at least once in two months.
  3. Marketing:- Local marketing is the responsibility of Franchisee because it is the main raw material for education business and consist of finance part. However, we will guide you completely for making the best marketing plan for your region. Rest, Online visibility, SEO, social media marketing, press releases, Job postings in top 3 Job Portals, adword campaigning, emailer campaigns etc will be taken care by the head office itself. We have a team of peoples, who are working on National level marketing. Our online marketing itself gives at least 40% of your walk-ins. Not only this, we will do the Re-marketing campaigns to nurture all the walk-ins in your branch, and show our visibility everywhere through digital marketing platform, so that they may get easily convert into admission. Re-marketing campaign itself is a bunch of so many marketing activities.

I am into very good Job? Why should i risk myself?

First of all, to start any business, you must have to take a risk. However, in Franchise business, such risk gets eliminated by 60 to 70 percent. Because our model is tried and tested. The only thing you need to take care of is to follow our instructions time to time. 

You are not alone, who maintains your business. Our dedicated manager will also follow up you and your team time to time for any further support. In the background, our Operation, placement, enquiry, HR and marketing team will also keep on working to support your branch operations from Head Office.

The only thing, you need to take care of is to manage your local team and marketing. If still, you want to pursue your job, then you can hire some dedicated manager to maintain the same. Whenever you feel that you can now ready to switch then you can switch to your business. But your attention towards your business is very important.

Okey. I am ready to start the Business. What is the next step?

To know the next step, you need to fill up the form given above. You can also do the same by clicking on below given link.

After submission of your form, our team will send you the detailed franchise proposal and shortlist the best candidates from your location and will arrange the meeting with all of them. After meeting, our team will select 1 final candidate and will do the agreement formalities. 

If you made your mind and want to reserve your territory, then you can reserve it by paying Rs.25,000. So that we will not entertain any other applicants from your location and reserve the location for you. This fee is fully adjustable in your Franchise Fee. Similarly, if any other applicant reserves the territory then it will become impossible for us to entertain others.

To Fill up Application Form: CLICK HERE


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